This is your opportunity to honor a "Bigger Than Ball" Coach...

Make a donation of $25 or more to the Bigger Than Ball Foundation and we will add your coach to our "Wall of Fame" and send a Bigger Than Ball certificate and official letter letting them know that our Foundation has received a donation in their honor. ‚Äč

This is a small way to help support our foundation as we grow and say "Thank You" to your current or former coach. As we develop, we will also create a small plaque and post each honorarium on our Wall of Fame at our Foundation Cabin. We will dedicate one wall to list our "Bigger Than Ball" coaches from across the country.

Thank you for your support of Bigger Than Ball and thank you for honoring the coaches that are doing it the right way!

Wall of Fame

Youth Sports

High School


Tony Robichaux - Louisiana Baseball

Butch Thompson - Auburn Baseball

Lane Burroughs - LA Tech Baseball

Jeremy McClain - Troy State AD

Scott Berry - Southern Miss Baseball

Mike Kinnison - Delta State Baseball

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