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Bigger Than Ball is a mindset.

The idea to capture all of the Bigger Than Ball moments, as well as highlight coaches who are teaching more than the game, or to even remind coaches of their “Why” came through many years of prayer and conversations from some of the best minds in the coaching industry.

I was told by an SEC Head Coach during a one on one breakfast: “I love the concept of Bigger Than Ball. I’m going on 13 straight months with no rest. I need to be reminded right about now. We pour into these kids every day, but there is not an organization out there that is pouring into us.”

That’s when I felt God spoke to me:
1.) Support/highlight those that know their “why” and are making an impact.
2.) Give a platform for coaches to connect and give back.
3.) Capture their stories and impact millions of fans and the next generation of coaches.

This is what we are doing.

We are less than one year old.

It has been a struggle to find out exactly where God wanted this to go, but I believe we are in the right direction:

1.) It is our desire to connect with as many coaches and athletic directors across the nation to create this opportunity to come together in times of need and create change: There is power in numbers. Imagine the impact we can have with one e-mail request or tweet that can ask the coaching industry (all sports) to rally around one cause. We are soliciting one liaison per state to help us spread our message and build our network (You can join today at our website:

2.) We have our first clinic set up for Feb. 17 in Tupelo, MS. We seek to have many more. This structure will build the framework as each speaker will speak on topics bigger than the game. We will capture this on video and share to the world. We also will do one on one video interviews to capture coaches and their stories/testimonials. We have one booked for January 15th that we are very excited about! (More details to come)

3.) With our network of coaches, we are creating the opportunity to build a sporting goods drive in which we will collect and share with kids or organizations that are less fortunate. We will send locally to programs in need or in other nations. We will do this year round and be the foundation for sporting good ministry opportunities.

4.) We desire to use our network to create real HOPE in children or families in need. We envision using our network, by sharing a story of a kid or family that needs encouragement in their lives. We will reach out to our network and seek opportunities for our coaches and AD’s to send positive messages, and/or do home visits and even use our platform to raise dollars if needed.

5.) On down the road, we envision building a 3,500 sf cabin retreat that can host clinics, retreats for coaches, and serve as our headquarters where we will do much of our video production of Bigger Than Ball moments. Plans are in the works now.

If you are passionate about this message/vision, please reach out to us and connect. Consider supporting this foundation. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. 100% of funds collected will go to towards making a difference in the lives of the coaching industry and all that they impact.

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