The outdoors and all it offers is a very natural way to heal the soul.  It is a great getaway for coaches and creates opportunities for fathers to teach life lessons and spend  valuable quality time.

We also hope to grow this ministry into a video production opportunity to tell our #BIGGERTHANBALL stories.

We are currently developing plans to build a 3,500 square foot facility that will act as our headquarters for Bigger Than Ball.

This is in the planning phases and we need your help.  We are looking for the right opportunity for land (50-100 acres) that can be developed to host all of our ministry opportunities.

Check back soon to see the plans that will feature a cabin that can host our clinics and provide areas to hunt, fish, camp, etc...

Capital Campaign: We are seeking 1,000 donations of $200  Please help us realize our dream..

Be 1 of 1,000: